Check out the "VanderTrumpets" performing.


Here are a few videos of VanderCook trumpet students and faculty performing over the years.  Stay tuned for more videos of trumpet recitals and other performances on campus and around town!

Heading 1

Dr. Schuman performs H.A.VanderCook's trio "Aces in the Air" with C.S.O. trumpeter John Hagstrom and Erik Lillya.

Dr. Schuman performing the Neruda Concerto with the Quito Municipal Band in Quito, Ecuador

Dr. Schuman playing Libby Larsen's Fanfare for the Women for unaccompanied trumpet in October, 2020 for VanderGiving Faculty Recital

The VanderCook concert and performs Ticheli's  Angels in the Architecture at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Convention

This short video shows how to use "Strength Builders" to gradually build the strength of the embouchure musculature.

The VanderCook concert band performs Bugler's Holiday with soloists Chris Martin and Michael Martin alongside Dr. Schuman and VanderCook alumni Don Stinson, Steve Pyter, and Jessica Musgrave

This video shows how to address many different articulation issues at all levels of playing using a simple step-by-step process I like to call the "Five-Step Articulation Fixer."

Dr. Schuman performs Jules Levy's Grand Russian Fantasia

with the Joliet Central High School Concert Band